Wow, haven’t posted on here for a long time! D: I have been very busy lately, applying for uni, finishing my certificate, starting my new certificate, being sick. I also went to Japan in the summer, on my own! 😀 That was interesting, quite scary but a good adventure! (^-^) I might upload some pictures from my trip there. Oh, I have also been to America for ISC, the international version of ESC. I got medals there too for my art and knitting, so that was good! 😀 So yeah, busy. *nods* However, I have also been procrastinating a lot. *very ashamed*

This is kind of an advert and kind of showing you what happened at ESC. Okay, I have decided to start drawing portraits to make a bit of extra cash and help me to build up my portfolio and practice. I don’t know if anyone wants to have any portraits but I can draw babies, children, adults, family pictures, etc. I will only charge you what you think the picture is worth as long as you pay me a minimum of £5 to pay for materials and time. Just because I don’t want to overcharge and because I’m only starting out and practicing. If you aren’t happy with the picture I am quite happy to draw another one for you or refund you. I am going to ask that you give me a deposit of £3 before I start drawing as an acknowledgement of the fact that you have commissioned me and are going to pay for the rest. I hope that this will be alright for everyone. Please put a comment on here or send me an e-mail at if you need more information or would like to commission me.
Okay, onto ESC. I won a gold medal at ESC for my sketching piece! I was quite nervous as I’d put alot of work into it and I would have been quite disappointed if I hadn’t gotten a medal at all. This is a picture of it when it was almost finished.

Shh!! I don't know I've been drawn yet!

Well I’m back from European Student Convention. I won gold for my pencil sketch and silver for my knitting entry! I mean like woah! I am so very, very happy! Woo! Anyway, just gotta finish the rest of the portfolio now! Dx I am trying to decide which one to knit. Either the Aeolian Shawl or the Abotanicity Sweater both from knitty! Argh, well the sweater would be for me and the shawl would either be for my grandma or me…I’m just not sure. The shawl looks quite difficult and challenging but also interesting. The jumper is also like interesting and challenging but it doesn’t have any beads and not as much lace. Soo yeah, can’t really decide yet… If anyone reads this, please help me deciiiide! I love the shawl but I’m not sure if I can finish this in a year. If anyone has done this shawl could you tell me how long it took? Also what kind of wool would be good to use that was also a purple/lilac colour. I’m thinking of using Malabrigo Lace for the shawl if I do that. Or maybe Lane Borgosesia Cashwool. I don’t know if that is too low quality though. I think they would both be exciting to knit but I don’t know which one. I feel like it would be a bit selfish to knit the jumper just for me when I could knit a nice shawl for my grandmammy…I think she would love it so much, just because it was made by me as well. Ah well, we’ll see. Oh and we also won bronze for our female duet at ESC and also gold for our football! Oh my goodness, both are so funny. I mean I forgot to do my harmony for most of the song and the football. Well we never even practiced beforehand! xD

Also, a little advert here. If anyone wants a portrait drawn of themselves or their family please leave a comment with your e-mail and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible. I am wanting to build up my portfolio so I’m willing to draw very cheaply. In fact as long as you pay me a minimum of £5 you can pay me as much as you think as the picture is worth! It is conditional on my being able to use it any way I want as in my portfolio, adverts, etc. I would also only be able to give it to you once my portfolio is finished and handed in for assessing.

Signing out,


Well, I’ve finally finished my cardigan for ESC. I used the Hey Teach! pattern from the website Knitty. It is a great site, visit there if you want to read some great articles or just some great patterns! (Did I mention they were free patterns?!?) This is a picture of the finished cardigan all ready for packing up and stuff. Hopefully I won’t do too badly in the competition though I’m not hoping for much as this is my first attempt at knitting such a big project. I have never knitted any kind of jumper before so yeah, it was a challenge that I successfuly overcame! yay! 😀 I’m not very happy with the amount of stretching that happened as it now doesn’t fit me but maybe it wouldn’t have fitted me in the first place. I don’t know. At the moment it is almost falling off of my shoulders and is very loose. The buttons are also very saggy because it is so baggy. So overall happy I completed it and overcame the challenge but not very happy with the finished project.

Well, night night, Leaving tomorrow morning! D:

Just a week left before the end of term and then ESC (a competition for students). Ahhh! I don’t know how I’m going to finish everything! D: I have to learn a difficult harmony, learn my piano piece properly, finish my art portfolio, and not get too stressed out. Though personally I think that might just be a bit too late! xD Well back to school today after the weekend. See ya later!

So, what about all that snow that fell in England eh? It was amazing! Our car actually got stuck in the snow a couple of times when we tried to drive out of our road. We actually went sledding which was cool as we haven’t been able to do that since we moved to England. Sadly it also had disastrous consequences as the United Kingdom is not at all prepared to deal with that amount of snowfall. In Japan, where I was born, the amount of snow that fell in England would be a normal winter in Japan and they would have no trouble dealing with it. I think the U.K. should probably try and prepare a bit more then people can stop worrying about the snow and start enjoying it more!

Hey, so just been not relaxing on this weekend! Woo! I’ve been working on my art portfolio and I need to get it finished by the end of this week. I have bought the file to put all my arty things in so hopefully I will get it done. I am very, very happy with the art piece which I will present with the portfolio. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am going to be entering the portfolio at a competition for students. So hopefully I will get placed, if not, ah well… I’m quite nervous about getting it all done on time so hopefully, yeah. I finished my knitting so that was quite cool.

Oh and yeah, this is a cool picture of a sunflower that I took last summer, aint he cool! He has sunglasses and everything! 8D

"I am the coolest sunflower that ever grew!"

Well, I’m off now, have a nice weekend all of you people that don’t have work to do! *envious*

Hey, this is Teru! The start of my blog. I have never blogged before so this is quite exciting! I will probably be posting stuff about art, cooking and knitting. And basically my daily experiences! So yeah, woo new blog!

I also finished knitting the main portions of my cardigan and just need to block it and knit on the button band! I have never knitted a cardigan before either so yeah, new things eh! Wish me luck on blocking and sewing it all up as I have no idea how to do it.


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